The optional Science Final will cover the main ideas from these units:

Atomic Structure and Bonding: atoms, elements, molecules, bonding, compounds
Properties of Matter: characteristic properties, mass, volume, density, mixtures
Changes in Matter: states of matter, physical changes, chemical changes
Plate Tectonics: earth's layers, heat transfer, continental drift, sea-floor spreading, plate tectonics
Earth and Human Activity: earthquakes, volcanoes, rocks
Motion: speed, velocity, acceleration, graphing motion
Forces: inertia, friction, Newton's three laws, gravity
Energy: forms of energy, transfer of energy, power
Earth, Moon, Sun: seasons, phases, eclipses, tides, moon characteristics

You can find more specific guiding questions on the outlines for each unit, which are all taped into your science notebook. You can use Discovery Education to read the summary pages for each of these topics and/or retake the unit tests for practice.