Welcome to Eighth Grade ELA!

Due Wednesday, September 3rd -
Your homework for the night of Tuesday, September 2nd (due on Wednesday, September 3rd) is to bring in your summer reading journals.

Due Thursday, September 4th -
a) Bring in ELA notebooks (one for writing, one for interactive notebook assignments), and
b) get syllabus and library sheet signed by a parent or guardian.

Due Friday, September 5th -
Notebook Work (NBW): Set three goals (related to your work in ELA) for the year. Add these goals to the designated page in your notebook.

Due Monday, September 8th -
NBW - Complete dashboard assessments and post-evaluation reflection. Paste in notebook.

Due Tuesday, September 9th -
NBW - Complete written summaries of each literary genre, and provide examples of book titles from each genre.

Due Wednesday, September 10th -
Create a list of some of your favorite novels (at least three, and no more than ten).
For each book on your list, complete the following:
a) write a short summary of the plot,
b) explain why you enjoyed reading the book, and
c) make a suggestion about who else might enjoy reading this particular title.

Due Thursday, September 11th -
Finish your reading history timeline. Write a two paragraph reflection on your reading history up until now. What patterns do you notice? What goals do you have as a reader?

Due Friday, September 12th -
Find five to ten more books to add to your To Be Read (TBR) list.
NBW - Paste TBR list into notebook.

Due Monday, September 13th -
Complete your sign-up and profile development on Goodreads.com. Use the Goodreads.com site to expand your TBR, and Read lists.
NBW: Add Goodreads.com sign-in info into notebooks and add books and word totals to your Read lists.

Due Tuesday, September 14th -
Finish establishing your initial level on Freerice.com.
NBW: Record initial Freerice.com level and any challenging words in notebooks.

Due Wednesday, September 15th -
Print out or draw a picture of a person or character that can be drawn/written on and bring your picture to class tomorrow.

Due Thursday, September 16th -
NBW: Complete your STEAL chart, and paste it into your notebook.

Due Friday, September 17th -
Write a page-long free write formatted according to the paper template. Print out your free write and bring it to class.